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Since 2004, our priority has been to satisfy the growing demand of our foreign patients seeking cosmetic surgery in Tunisia. Our surgeon Dr. MALEK Hichem, puts at your disposal all his know-how and competence to achieve your ambitions. Known as a tourist country, Tunisia also stands out for the competence of its surgeons and its infrastructure in the health sector, thus transforming it into a destination for plastic or dental surgery.

With rates significantly lower than in Europe, your cosmetic surgery is no longer a dream but a reality.

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Aesthetic Tunisia

Why us?

Aesthetic Tunisia, a Tunisian medical tourism agency, specialized in medical and aesthetic tourism, in Tunisia. Since 2004, we have been targeting the European market with which we continue to enrich our collaborations. Today, we no longer have any geographical constraints and we receive customers from all over the world. Our values of transparency and ethics allow us to avoid misunderstandings and protect you down to the last detail. That is why we always make it a point of honour to indicate everything "in black and white" because we do not want to make false promises, but only to offer what we can promise you

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    Complete package
    A package that includes all charges once in Tunis
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    Dr MALEK Hichem Former intern at the hospitals of TOULOUSE
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Les opérations esthétiques

augmentation mammaire
Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation by prosthesis or lipofilling (fat injection.


Or liposuction to get rid of unsightly bulges once and for all

face lifting
Face Lifting

Also known as a cervico facial lift or soft lift to correct the oval of the face and neck

breast reduction
Breast Reduction

Whether she is trying to reduce the volume for some or straighten them out for others (breast lift) to regain a straight chest


To have a flat stomach and get rid of excess skin


Cosmetic surgery for the nose that allows to change the shape or size of the nose and in some cases to correct deformities

For the 2nd

For combined cosmetic surgeries, we grant a 40% discount on the second procedure